How do I submit a request for technical support?


EPI Technical Support provides assistance to customers who subscribe to EPI's hosted services. Use EPI's technical support to obtain assistance as you need it.

You have three ways that you can obtain technical support from EPI

By email, by creating a support ticket and by telephone. Support by email and by support ticket is free. Support by telephone may involve service charges.

By EMail

Send technical support requests to EPI by emailing Emails sent to this email address automatically generate support tickets.

Typically within five minutes of submitting a request to EPI you will receive an email confirming that your support request has been received. This email includes a support ticket number that you can use to track your support request and that you should use whenever you correspond with EPI about your problem or issue.

By Creating a Support Ticket

You can create a support ticket at any time by visiting In order to create tickets you must register with this web site, creating a user id and password.

To submit a ticket simply sign in using your technical support user name and password and then click on the link labeled "Submit a Ticket". Next, choose the department that you wish to correspond with and then enter the details of your support request.


  • Include a detailed description of your problem.
  • Be sure to include as much information as you can. For example, if you are reporting a problem with an email address, then include the email address in the description. If you have having problem with a specific user account, enter the user account credentials. For web sites, include the web site domain name (i.e. -
  • If you need to, attach any relevant screen shots or other information. To do this click one of the "Browse..." buttons located in the area labeled "Attachments" and select the file(s) that contain the information you wish to send to us.
  • If your request is an emergency then be sure to select "Yes" and the emergency reason from the "Is this an Emergency" drop down list.

By Telephone

You can reach reach EPI technical support by telephone during our normal business hours of 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Our telephone number is (905) 415-0101.

Support by telephone may involve service charges.

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